Attention all celebrities, brands, casinos, cryptocurrency, and jewelry companies, who would like to be part of the national news coverage of the decade, involving the news of Forrest Fenn's treasure chest, when it's found this June or July, depending on the weather and sponsorships. The plan is to have the treasure and chest put into a museum with your celebrity or brand/company name or product put in with the treasure before it's finding is announced to the world. First pictures will have your name or product in it. Your company, name, brand or product will be displayed and live on in a museum.

Links for sale, minimum of $1,000.00 each. Listed by date purchased with higher placement for more expensive links, regardless of date purchased. For maximum benefit, you should get your link before the major networks broadcast the news, that Forrest Fenn's treasure chest has been found. In the rare event that I'm not able to fulfill my requirements, then all the payments received will be refunded back to the paid sponsors.

A sticker of will be placed inside the treasure chest, if there's no major sponsor setup before the news is made. A QR Code and NFC Tag will be part of the sticker.

Photos of the treasure chest and treasure will be placed on the Homepage" Contact: Copyright